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Dating Expert gives advice on setting a goal when it comes to dating and relationships.

As a dating expert and coach for successful single professionals, one of the first questions I ask the singles I meet is; what is your goal?
What is your goal when it comes to dating and relationships?

After a career in HR and headhunting, I became a professional matchmaker almost 15 years ago. I am also an award-winning dating expert, and support singles all over the world with finding a partner through support and coaching which I provide individually, one on one, or in group programs. I also hold dating webinars and seminars for singles in Switzerland. In all these years, I have been fortunate to be able to touch the lives of over 8000 singles.
Disclaimer: I only work with singles who are looking for a life partner, so if you are single and have a different goal, this does not apply to you.

define your goal dating expert trea tijmensOne of the first questions I ask the singles I meet is; what is your goal?
What is your goal when it comes to dating and relationships?

It’s a simple but crucial question.
If you do not know what you want and where you want to go, you can end up anywhere, or worse, nowhere.

Having asked so many singles this question I have heard some really “interesting” answers.
The funny thing is when it comes down to it, 99% of the singles that I have talked to over the past 15 years, actually all have the same goal, however, the way they formulate their goal can be very different.

The negative formulation

  • “My goal is not to be single”
  • “I don’t want to lose myself in a relationship again”
  • “I don’t want another commitment-phobe”
  • “I’m not desperate, but I do want to find a partner”

The vague formulation

  • “One day I would like to have a family of my own”
  • “I am not really sure, I think I want a relationship”

When I meet singles at events who come up and talk to me, and I ask them what their goal is / what they want in terms of dating and relationships; I unfortunately sometimes hear that people have given up on love.

I want to say to all singles; never give up on Love.
Yes, you can take a little break from dating, that’s ok, but always open yourself up to the possibility of love.
In all my years as a matchmaker and dating coach I have seen that finding love and a partner is possible at any time, any place, and at any age!
I have coached singles who had been single for a very long time and had almost given up – and then discovered that if they are willing to put in the work, they will get results. Sometimes love is literally just around the corner, so do remain open to the possibility of LOVE.

Often when I ask single ladies what their goal is, they tell me they want a “serious” relationship.
Although I completely understand what they mean and other women will as well, I always advise single ladies to formulate it differently, as I have noticed that some men equate “serious” with boring or dull.

So, how should you formulate your dating and relationship goal?
Your goal should be CLEAR, CONCISE, AND POSITIVE.

One or two sentences is enough.

You are looking for the right partner to build a happy, mutually fulfilling, long-term, committed, exclusive relationship (you can add with the goal of marriage and a family).

After all, isn’t that what you really want? Yes?
Then don’t settle for less!

Not just any partner, but the right one for us.
The goal is not just a relationship, but a happy and fulfilling relationship.

Of the over 8000 singles whose lives I have touched during my more than 15 years as a matchmaker and dating expert over 99% had this same goal.

Finding the right partner to build a happy, fulfilling, long-term, committed, and exclusive relationship.

Now you have a clear, concise and positive formulation of your dating goal.
You are crystal clear on what you want and where you are going, you can start taking the first step in the right direction.

If you would like support to get started and stay on track to and reach your goal, reach out!
I can boast an 85% success rate of getting smart singles to their goal of finding the right partner!

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