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6 Super Tips to find love in Switzerland this Summer without using a dating app

The weather is hot, the days are long, Summer is here and it is the perfect time to find love!

Six Super Tips to find love in Switzerland this Summer without using a dating appIt’s Summer! People are feeling happier, the air is full of promise, and it’s the perfect time to get outside and start meeting people. Because in case you forgot; in order to find love, you have to date, and in order to date, you have to meet people

Whilst many other singles may be stuck spending the whole summer chatting and/or swiping, this Summer you will meet people without using a dating app!
Do you know that there are many thousands of singles in Switzerland who feel burned out with online dating and from using dating apps?

Do you know that whether you live in Geneva, Lausanne, Basel, Bern or Zurich, there are tons of singles living close to where you are, who are actually craving real human contact? As a love coach and the CEO of a professional dating agency in Switzerland I do ☺

So, this Summer, put your phones and apps away and start meeting people in real life!
No more looking at and playing with your phone.
Look around and become aware of all the other great people around you!
Then follow these 6 great tips to start meeting people this Summer so you can start dating and find love!


1 Dress for Success

How you look impacts how you feel, as well as how you are perceived!
Dress to feel how you want to feel and how you want to be perceived by the opposite sex.
If you want to feel attractive, confident and that you are looking great, then wear something that makes you feel that way!

You basically have 2 choices; either you dress and look like you are a frumpy person with zero interest in meeting people from the opposite sex,
you look and dress like you are an attractive available single looking for a relationship.

If you think it is only about inner beauty, think again!
In order for someone to discover your inner beauty, you first need to attract the right person into your life so, your packaging should support your inner beauty, not suppress it!

Ladies; Summer is the perfect time to wear something colorful, fun and feminine.
Put on your nice dresses and beautiful summer shoes, and put on that new red lipstick and bright nail varnish and add some nice sunglasses when you are out and about ☺

Gentlemen: Even though you are not in a professional environment and it’s hot outside, keep in mind that if you want to increase your success in approaching, communicating with and getting to know a lady better, you must look like someone she wants to talk to!

Women’s brains are wired in such a way that they will notice every detail about you in a single glance. From your haircut to your shoes, you will only have one chance to make a first impression, so let it be a good one! In general, women of all ages like a man that looks like he has his act together, so his overall appearance should be balanced and go together.

Make sure you are not only dressed for success, but also groomed for success!
You can be dressed attractively but if you look unshaven, have not brushed your teeth, have not got clean hands and nails or smell of sweat, your attempt to strike up a conversation with that cute girl or great looking guy may be doomed from the start.

  1. As not everyone may have read this blogpost and many singles think it is cool to wear “whatever” in Summer, do give people a chance, even if they did not “dress for success”.

2 Try new fun activities

Doing some new fun activities are an excellent way to meet others. There are so many things to do in Switzerland this time of the year that are perfect for singles to meet others!

Not only do I run SuccessMatch, professional dating service in Switzerland, I am also a date coach and always advise my clients to live active lives and create opportunities to meet their partner. I urge my clients to not only lead an active life but also to ensure that they pick activities where they are likely to meet people of the opposite sex + where there are opportunities to interact.
For example, if you are a woman interested in meeting men, even when you go to a fun outdoor meditation or yoga class, the chances of meeting men at this activity are very low.

Also, in general, there are fewer opportunities to meet and interact with someone at an opera, musical, theatre show etc., then there are, for example, at an outdoor salsa dance class, an organized summer hike, or an outdoor music festival such as the Fête de la Musique in Geneva 

If you need more inspiration for the Summer, check out the Glocals website to find tons of different type of activities you can do here


3 Be approachable

This Summer, wherever you are and whatever you do; be approachable and approach!
Have a kind, friendly, fun, relaxed attitude.
How can you be perceived as approachable?

  1. By smiling ☺
  2. By making eye contact and returning eye contact
  3. By looking and acting friendly
  4. By engaging with your environment (make eye contact, smile, and do not look “busy” or “occupied”
  5. By having an open body language (no crossed limbs and turning your body towards others)
  6. By being friendly when someone approaches you ☺

4 Approach

Millions of relationships never started because someone did not dare to make that first step!
This Summer, go ahead and take that first step and approach. Like I mentioned earlier, singles all over the world long for real contact and real interaction and conversation as opposed to swiping and chatting online.

Guys, when you approach a woman, do not go straight for the kill and ask for her number.
She will most likely not give it to a total stranger.
Build up a conversation first so that you can both get a feel for whether you like each other and would like to get to know each other better.
What should you say? Keep it simple and start with a “Hello, how are you tonight?/ what brings you here?/ etc.
Listen and build a conversation by asking simple, friendly, open-ended questions and showing a genuine interest in the other person. See how the other person responds and take it from there.

As the owner of a professional dating agency in Switzerland, I often hear from single ladies that they are not approached by men.
Ladies, be the change you want to see in the world and approach men.
With all the advancements we women have made in the past decades, there is absolutely no reason why we could not simply smile at someone, and say “Hello”! And no, saying “hello” to a man is not aggressive, it is a normal, friendly thing to do.

Approaching is a social skill that can be learned and takes practice.
This Summer, take the opportunity to practice your approaching skills.
Do not give up after a few tries that did not go anywhere. Keep practicing.
It is a filtering process.
Remember; you can NOT see from a distance whether someone could be a great partner for you so you have to engage with them and get to know them better. So, continue to approach people, and you will get better at it and have fun.

5 The Golden Rule

Single men and women of all ages are often a bit clueless when it comes to approaching people of the opposite sex. (If you want to brush up your skills in this area, talk to me about my date coaching packages).

Remember, it takes a lot of courage to approach someone in person!
So, when someone makes a clumsy or awkward approach attempt at you, please never act as if you are disgusted or feel offended!
Apply the Golden Rule and treat others with respect and the way you would like to be treated when you approach someone.

Just because someone uses a cliché approach sentence or excuse such as “Hello, have I met you somewhere before? You look familiar”, or “Hello, I am ….., where are you from?” does not mean they cannot be a great person once you get to know them and who knows, they could even turn out to be a perfect partner!

6 Ask the Experts

looking for your match ask the expert
Of course, the last but not least tip to find love this Summer in Switzerland is contacting the SuccessMatch Team. We are a professional matchmaking and date coaching agency and are experts at helping singles from Zurich, Basel, Bern, Lausanne, Geneva, and all over Switzerland and beyond find love.
So contact us today, and we will get in touch to schedule a first complimentary call.

I hope these tips will help you find love without using a dating app and wish you a fantastic Swiss Summer full of love!

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