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Are you a single woman with a great life, wishing to be in a happy, fulfilling relationship with the right partner?

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You realize that in order to have a happy, fulfilling, lasting relationship, you first need to find the right man, 

You know that in order to find the right man, you need to be dating, and… in order to date, you have to meet men!

and yet,.... you are not meeting men or, not meeting the right men.

Join award-winning dating expert Trea Tijmens for a unique, fun, thought-provoking and edifying one day live event and learn how you can attract the right men so that you can find your Mr. Right.

Trea is Switzerland’s leading matchmaker and dating coach and she will share with you her insights, practical and easy to apply steps, and reveals how you too can be a man magnet and attract the right partner

You will learn among other;

How to identify your Mr. Right

 Understand what Mr. Right is looking for in his Mrs. Right

✓ What pushes men away and what pulls/draws men in

Address and change mindsets and limiting believes; we attract what we believe we deserve

Mind our energy; we attract what we emit

✓ How to break relationship patterns and lighten emotional baggage

✓ How to align your messaging; your verbal communication, body, dress style, body language, body energy, actions, and digital footprint.

✓ How to create opportunities to attract the right man

✓ And much more!

The date and time: Saturday 20 July 2019 from 8:30am till 5:30pm
The location: Hotel Bristol, Rue du Mont-Blanc 10, 1201 Geneva (a 5 min walk from Geneva Cornavin train station. Cornavin train station is only 6 minutes by train from Geneva airport)
The investment: 500 CHF for 1 and 750 CHF for you and a single girlfriend.
This includes: Full day live event with dating expert Trea Tijmens and 2x coffee breaks plus 3-course lunch at La Terrasse

Registration Options

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In the past, Trea’s live events have been attended by single lady participants coming from Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Basel, Bern, Nyon, Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, London, Belgrade and Berlin.
Spaces are limited so register right away.

Join this fun and life-changing one day live event with other like-minded, smart, successful single women and you will leave empowered, inspired, encouraged and reenergized to apply the insights and practical tips right away and start seeing results.