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faq successmatch leading dating matchmaking agency switzerlandQ   What is SuccessMatch? 

A     SuccessMatch was founded in 2005 and is the leading dating, matchmaking and date coaching agency in Switzerland. SuccessMatch helps quality singles find love and romance.

Q   Who is the SuccessMatch target group?

A      We define the SuccessMatch target group as "international professionals". Over 95% of our clients live and work in Switzerland, however many have international backgrounds. Very often clients come to Switzerland thinking they will stay 2, at the most 3 years and 15 years later they are still here. Male clients range in age from early thirties to early seventies. Female client from mid-twenties to early sixties.
They may be single and never married, or divorced or widowed. Clients tend to have strong academic backgrounds, they tend to have very busy professional lives, they tend to live a healthy life style and enjoy a good quality of life. In fact, our clients seem to have everything in life, except a nice partner to share that life with. Our clients would now like to meet that great partner. Quality of partner proposals, confidentiality, and a personalized service is important to them.

Q   Does SuccessMatch have an equal number of male and female clients?

A     SuccessMatch always has more female clients… which is entirely in line with the worldwide phenomenon whereby personalized agencies have more female clients.

Q   Does SuccessMatch accept everyone as clients?

A     SuccessMatch is selective (and we know that you are too). People who clearly do not fit the target group, or for whom we do not already have appropriate matches, or in general “anyone we would not enjoy going out with ourselves” we do not accept as clients.

Q   What can I expect from a 15 min complimentary consultation?

A     The 15 minute complimentary consultation gives us a first impression of whether there could be a fit between us. As you will have already read these Frequently Asked Questions before the consultation, we can focus on you and your needs and whether there could be a fit. If there is a further interest, you may then book a 50-minute paid consultation with Eeke van de Ven, the SuccessMatch matchmaker in Switzerland.

Q   What can I expect of the 50 minute paid consultation by Skype?

A     The 50 minute consultation via skype with camera serves to identify your dating and relationship goals as well as determine your current status /and starting point. During the consult you will discuss what is important to you in a partner and establish your criteria. Then, we help you identify what has been standing in the way of you reaching your goal so far. Next we help you determine how to get from where you are now to your goal, and see if one of our services would be right for you.
Of course you will also have the opportunity to ask Eeke any question you may have. The 50 minute consultation by skype is charged at 250 CHF and if you sign up for our dating or matchmaking service, the 250 CHF consultation fee that was paid will be deducted from your membership fees.


Q   May I meet the SuccessMatch matchmaker face-to-face?

A    Yes! Eeke meets and gets to know everyone who becomes a SuccessMatch Premium Dating or Platinum Matchmaking client after the 50 minute skype consultation, one on one in person at our office. 
Another possibility to meet Eeke is to attend an event she is at, which provides a great opportunity to meet her in person and benefit from our expertise.

Q   How long has SuccessMatch been doing this?

A    Trea Tijmens, the CEO of SuccessMatch, launched SuccessMatch 11 years ago in 2005. However, she has been matching international professionals for professional reasons for much longer, as she used to work as an international recruiter and headhunter. When she started SuccessMatch, she kept the same target group but instead of matching them for professional reasons, SuccessMatch matches professionals for personal reasons.

Q   How long is the SuccessMatch membership term?

A     For the Dating, Premium Dating and Platinum Matchmaking services, the active membership is 6 months. After that clients may either renew their active memberships or stay on our books as passive members.

Q   How many matches proposals may I expect to receive?

A     The number of match proposals we can offer will depend on you, your criteria, sociability, availability and how relationship oriented you are. After we have done the 50 minute Skype consultation we will have a better understanding of you and the scope of the search and will be able to make you a membership offer with a personalized number of introductions. We pride ourselves in making quality introductions.

Q   What is SuccessMatch’s success rate?

A     Firstly, what is success? For us, success is when we successfully introduce two individuals whom we think are compatible and who would otherwise never have met.
Over 95% or our clients are either satisfied or extremely satisfied with the person we select for them and over 70% continue to see each other after we have introduced them.

Q   Are there any opportunities to work with Trea Tijmens, the CEO of SuccessMatch directly?

A     Yes, Trea provides date coaching services to a select number of singles.

Q   Who can see my profile once I become a client?

A     We offer a confidential service. The only people who can see your confidential profile are the SuccessMatch team and the persons we select for you and whom we would like for you to meet.

Q   What is a match candidate?

A     Being a match candidate offers you the opportunity to be matched with one of SuccessMatch´s clients. However, a match candidate is NOT a client of SuccessMatch, so this means that we do not actively look for matches for match candidates.

Q   What may I expect from coaching with Trea?

A     Trea will help you identify your dating and relationship goals as well as determine your current situation / what your starting point is. She will help you identify what has been standing in your way of reaching your goal till now. Next you will establish a plan/strategy on how to get from where you are now to your goal PLUS break the process down in do-able steps. Her pragmatic coaching style will help you create, recognize and act upon opportunities to meet your partner. 3 sessions per month, with a 3 month minimum commitment to get you to your dating goals. Trea’s coaching success rate is incredibly high.

Q   Do you also provide a high-end international matchmaking service?

A    Yes, Trea works with a select number of discerning gentlemen and assists them in their search for their life partner / spouse.
For more information see www.him-matchmaking.com

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