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dating agency singles geneva zurich basel lausanneSingle in Switzerland and ready to date like-minded singles?

Then the SuccessMatch dating service is what you need.
The SuccessMatch dating service provides you the opportunity to meet quality, compatible singles.

The SuccessMatch Dating Service Overview:

• 50 minute Skype consultation
• 1 hour Skype intake interview with the SuccessMatch matchmaker
• Registration in our confidential database through an online registration form
• Establishing an attractive client profile
• Review of the profile with the client for final approval
• Entering the profile in our confidential database
• Opportunity to be listed on our website with completely confidential mini profile
• Selection of match proposals based on your criteria
• Personal profiles of potential partners which includes background, interests, values, expectations but without photos
• Access to your matchmaker via email
• Feedback form after each first date
• 6 month contract
• Mid contract assessment via email


How the SuccessMatch Dating Service works

1. Schedule your 50 minute first Skype consultation with SuccessMatch
During this consult the SuccessMatch matchmaker will get a good understanding of who you are and whom you wish to meet and whether our services are right for you.

2. Sign the agreement, complete your confidential registration form and pay the fees
Once we have decided to work together, we will send you a contract. After signing the contract, we will send you a link to a confidential questionnaire that you need to complete. Upon payment of the fees we move to step 3.

3. Meet your personal matchmaker for a 1 hour Skype intake interview
This allows us to get a better feel and understanding of who you are and whom you wish to meet and helps us making you quality matches

4. The matching process starts
As soon as our experienced matchmakers have found you a potentially compatible match, you will be notified by email. You will receive the confidential profile of the proposed candidate.

5. Meet your Date
Contact your match and organize your first date. Let SuccessMatch know where and when you will be meeting and we will send you a date feedback form to find out whether you will continue seeing your date or whether you are available for new match proposals.

Get started today and contact SuccessMatch to schedule your first complimentary phone consult