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After working unsuccessfully with 2 other agencies, SuccessMatch introduced this client to her future testimonials successmatch elite matchmaking dating supporthusband

“After having worked with 2 agencies in the UK I had almost lost hope but after meeting you I had such a good feeling that I decided to try one more time. You told me that you would not make many introductions but that the introductions you would make would be good. The first one was the right one!! Thomas and I have been together ever since and will be married February 2016”

Working with a Dating Coach makes all the difference for singles

"Before working with Trea, I did not even know what a dating coach was. I also believed finding a good man would be difficult. With Trea's dating support I met my now wonderful partner within just 5 weeks, while waiting at the train platform!"

SuccessMatch introduced Mark to the love of his life

"Pass on my very best wishes to Trea, and tell her that thanks to her, I found the love of my life, and that we are about to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, as well as our son Matthias’ second birthday."

Carlos, Zurich is getting married for the first time at 47

“Who would have thought! Getting married for the first time at 47. I proposed at Christmas and she said “YES””

Divorced since many years, Karen is now in a relationship with Jack

"I have met Jack’s family and they are lovely. We will go to Ireland together this summer, we are excited and I can see how he genuinely is interested in me through his curiousity. We are learning how to be in a relationship with each other. We are learning to set standards for our relationship and build it the way we want it to be. Thank you for your support and your love."

Steve and Jane passed the 3 month mark and are growing together

"Steve and I are doing well. Enjoying each other and getting to know each other. We do have ups and downs and especially now that we have been together for three months and we spend a lot of time together. However, it is good as we are growing together."

Date coaching can have an impact in all areas of your life

"Trea, I think of you often and I just want to say thank you again for your coaching. It was helpful and it is still helpful not only in my love life but also in other areas."

Rachel and Philippe kept the momentum in dating and got married in 2016

"Chère Trea, Vous nous avez dit “keep the momentum” et comme toujours nous avons suivi vos conseils à la letter. Nous sommes heureux de vous envoyer un souvenir depuis Lisbon. Rachel and Philippe."

Guido and Jessica are going on their first trip as a couple

"Guido and I are doing well so far. We have been spending quite a lot of time together. We are exclusive and he asked me if I wanted to be his partner. So far, I feel good about the relationship and it feels right. We have booked our first long weekend trip together. We will go to Stockholm over Easter."

The first SuccessMatch introduction was the success match

"Trea, unbelievable but true – your first introduction was the right one. I would have never thought that all it would take was one introduction – thank you and Linda and the team for this successmatch!"

Tessa is happy with her match and feels like she is living a new life

"Thanks for reaching out. Things are going well between Franck and me, we just had a beautiful holiday together in Australia. It feels like a new life. Thanks so much"

Date coaching helped to let go of limiting beliefs

"Thanks to your coaching I let go of my limiting beliefs. I no longer believe that dating is tough and cumbersome."

Hooray Paul and Susan are engaged; another successmatch

"Paul and I got ENGAGED, and will get married in July!!!"

These 2 SuccessMatch clients are expecting their first baby

“Merry xmas and great 2014! As I told you at the end of the summer, I am pregnant! We will have a girl this Spring! So in 2014 the dream to become parents will come true!”

SuccessMatch makes dating enjoyable

“Even though I have not met the right person yet, I am glad I signed up. I have enjoyed all the dates and learned something from each “

Yes! all SuccessMatch singles are amazing

“Woow! What a fantastic woman!”

At SuccessMatch we do everything we can to make your first dates successful

“Thank you again for making Friday night so successful! I greatly appreciate your serious approach and efforts to help us!”

Stuart and Amy in Zurich had a successful first date

“Just a quick note to thank you for introducing me to Stuart, you were right on your intuition. We had a lovely time and it was really nice to get to know him. I certainly had a great time and believe he did too because we have already been in contact and plan to try to meet again. thanks again.”

Dating is exciting!

“Thank you for adding some much needed excitement into my life”  

Peter and Sarah continue to be happy in their relationship

“Sarah and I continue to be together, happy as on our first day :)”

Good quality dating profiles are important

“I have just finished reading my profile and I want to sincerely thank you for the excellent job you have done. I find it very professional, accurate and very well presented. I wish to particularly thank you for the last section:"Why you should get to know Richard". I found it very friendly and over-generous. Indeed you went to great lengths to give me the best chances: I do appreciate it! Thanks a million.”

Udo and Kathy in Zurich are moving in together

“It's very cold even here in Zurich, nevertheless the miserable weather has not stopped me and Kathy to pursue our plan... :-) In fact she'll move in with me at the end of this month! So new town (new job, of course) and lots of new adventures to come! I’m very excited about it (I’m sure she’s too) and I’m literally counting the days. In the past months we have got to know each other a lot, and the more I see the more I appreciate her. We’ve also had the chance to know the respective families (we spent the Xmas period together with my folks in the US, I met her mom and sister). So I’d say the dice is cast, I’m very confident about the future. And very happy, needless to say. My gut feeling tells me I and she will be sharing our path for very long. So once again thank you very much for the occasion you have offered me to meet her.”

For the right match Jacqueline moved from Geneva to Zurich to live with Mark

“I think you heard from Mark that we will be moving in together at the end of January. Actually things happened in such a funny way with the job because I received a job interview request one day after meeting him (for a position in Zug). Then we started dating and got along so well that we knew pretty soon that we wanted to move in together. Our plans are finally coming to fruition and last weekend was spent building IKEA furniture for my clothes and books. I am very grateful to you for having introduced me to him because we get along so well and I think we are a pretty good match. Mark is very attentive, caring and loving and every moment spent with him is a delight to me.”

SuccessMatch introduced Susan and Gordon in Geneva a year ago, now they are getting married in London

“I am indeed well, thank you and trust you are too. Things are going very well indeed with Susan: so well that we're getting married in London in 3 weeks' time!”

Patrick and Annastasia are enjoying the dating process

“Still having a lovely time getting to know Patrick. We seem to have lots in common, and lots of complementary qualities too, and on my side, I can say that I like, appreciate and admire him more and more as I get to know him better. So, things are going along very nicely. As well as concerts, art exhibitions and dinners out, we have had each other over to lunch/dinner at our respective homes and introduced our sons to each other - and he has taken me out on his motorbike (a real cool machine!!).” 

Marcel is over the moon about his first date with Nadia

"Mes réponses étaient 3 x extrêmement satisfait. La rencontre avec Nadia fut un ravissement. Dès la première minute, j'ai eu un "feeling" inexplicable. Je ne vais pas me lancer dans les adjectifs ou les qualificatifs. Je n'ai qu'une envie, c'est de pouvoir la rencontrer à nouveau, le plus tôt possible." 

Being introduced to quality single women is a great experience

“I am fully enjoying my experience at Success Match. Discovering that there are so many potential quality matches around was an eye opener. And then to be able to sit eye to eye with attractive, generous, interesting and accomplished ladies for several hours over dinner, and do pretty well :-), is a huge confidence builder as far as dating is concerned. Thank you for accompanying me in this part of my life.”

Two happy SuccessMatch clients at the "kissing stage" (they got married in 2010)

“We saw each other last weekend and it was very nice!! Dinner, hiking, lunch, lavey-les-bains.. We are at the "kissing stage" now, and we continue to be in contact every day. He arrives tomorrow and we’ll go to have dinner, and already have plans for the weekend. I am really enjoying this! It is flowing easily and naturally! Long time without feeling this! I would like to THANK YOU both for doing this match! You are a success!”

This SuccessMatch couple is expecting their second baby

“Thank you for your kind wishes. I am happy to tell you that we are doing fine. We have a little girl of 2 years old and another baby on the way so next year is sure to be very busy for us”

Lasting relationships are based on friendship

“There seems to be so much potential for our friendship to grow in so many ways, and that is a real blessing in my life.”

These SuccessMatch clients celebrated their third wedding anniversary

“Just to let you know everything is fine. We are well; healthy and very happy and we celebrated 3-rd anniversary of our wedding last month”

A partner can add to your life in so many ways

“I think that we are doing each other lots of good. I have so much enjoyed this past year and all the outings and easygoing meals at each other's place, and generally getting to know him. He is a very special man and I like so much about him. I feel that we have quite a profound meeting of minds, we seem to share so much in terms of culture, lifestyle and taste, and he is open to discussing emotional and spiritual issues in a way I have never encountered with a man - it is such a breath of fresh air, and I am sure that however our friendship develops, we can always enjoy that.”

Busy single professionals make dating a priority

“I can only echo Nathalie’s sentiments: We're having a great time, she's lovely person and although I'm still travelling a lot, we spend all the time we can together. Thanks for finding her and Thanks for introducing us :)”

This SuccessMatch client is so excited about having met Simon through us.

“I can't wait to be in London!! We will do some tourism and also I am meeting Simon’s family! I am very happy. Thanks again for everything specially for putting Simon on my way! We have other great plans: Florence in September (his mother is from there) so great to see where is he from!!! And guess what: we are going to Argentina in December!! So he will meet my big family!”

This widower is happy with the lovely lady we introduced him to

“I had indeed a great summer - left end of June to visit my son in America, came back for the Paleo, visited my brother who was on holidays down in Spain for a few days, then there were the Fetes de Genève with fantastic fireworks (as always) and as finale, the "cherry on the cake" was the 2 weeks cruise on the Mediterranean with Monique. Thank you for introducing this lovely lady to me.”

Monika and Stuart are still happily married

“I am very happy in my marriage with Stuart - thanks again for making this success match happen!”

Never give up. It is never too late to find love.

“I would like to take this opportunity to share with you that my relationship with David is going VERY WELL!! We spent Christmas and new year in Scandinavia with my family and friends. It was GREAT!! I am very happy feeling what I wanted to feel, but for a long time I thought it was not possible. Thank you again for introducing me to David!”

Coaching singles to be ready and open to meet a partner creates opportunities for love

“I would like to say also that I am sure that I felt "open" and available to meet somebody and let this happen thanks to your wonderful preparation work - thank you, again. You are a wonderful person and a great coach - I already recommended your services and shall continue doing so!”