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Welcome to the SuccessMatch Blog! We will share useful and/or funny dating information and tips.
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Gentlemen: who should pay on a first date? a woman's perspective

A While ago, I wrote a blogpost about who should pay on a first dateAs a matchmaker and dating coach I have gotten feedback from thousands of women on...
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5 easy steps for singles in Geneva to start meeting people

5 easy steps for singles in geneva to start meeting people
Is meeting someone nice mission impossible for Singles in Geneva?Most people who are single, divorced or widowed and interested in finding a partner i...
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Who should pay on the first date?

HOW TO AVOID A GREAT DATE FROM TURNING SOUR AT THE END:   Ever had a wonderful date that got spoiled at the last minute when the waiter arri...
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Singles; should you have a second date?

Wondering whether you should see your date again? Here a few tips on how to evaluate your date?· Every person is unique and (almost) everyone is worth...
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Is Dating Complicated?

Dating can seem complicatedJoin us for the 3 seminars; "Find your Partner", "Dating in 3D" and "Looks Matter" and find out it does not have to be comp...
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