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10 Guy Dating Tips for Single Professionals in Switzerland by Date Coaching Experts

Through my more than 15 years of experience as matchmaker and dating coach, I frequently hear single professionals, particularly men, asking for effec...
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Greatest challenges for single professionals are finding a house and finding a spouse

In my previous life as head hunter, all too often heard single professionals saying that after landing the great job, the next greatest challenges wer...
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Attending the Matchmakers Conference was the best gift I could have offered my clients and myself

Having the opportunity to travel to New York City last week to attend the matchmakers and date coaches' conference organized by the Matchmaking Instit...
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SuccessMatch and the importance of choosing a nice restaurant for your first date

Although it's great to do an activity on a first date, the vast majority of first dates that SuccessMatch organizes take place in a restaurant. As you...
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Happy Valentine's Day! Make it last 365 days of the year

So today is the BIG day, it's the 14th of February; Valentine's Day! It's a big day for us in the dating and matchmaking industry as it makes singles ...
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