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Who Should Pay on First Date?

HOW TO AVOID A GREAT DATE FROM TURNING SOUR AT THE END: Who settles the bill? Ever had a wonderful date that got spoiled at the last minute when the w...
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Long Distance Relationships

With the number of matches made between clients in Zurich and Geneva on the rise, I feel it is important to speak a bit about Long Distance Relationsh...
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The Myth about Instant Chemistry and Finding a Life Partner

Ok, yes, I admit; I do believe in "love at first sight" and instant chemistry! However, I also know from experience (personal as well as professional)...
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Love is good for your health – Not only matchmakers say so

SuccessMatch clients often share stories or articles with us, which is something we really appreciate. One of our clients forwarded an article on the ...
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20 Things you should never do without consulting your partner- Trust the matchmakers advice

Starting and maintaining a healthy relationship requires many skills, but I believe the most important one, from my personal and matchmaker's perspect...
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