Why Top Matchmakers come to NY; 3 brilliant benefits

I recently came back from New York and the annual International Matchmaker Conference organized by the Matchmaking Institute.

I admit that making time available for this event is every year a bit challenging but so worth it! Here are the top 3 brilliant benefits for me and many other top matchmakers as well as new international matchmakers, and of course for you; our valued clients.

1 Learning
Even though I have been a professional matchmaker for over 15 years, I believe in continuous learning. Staying up to date with new trends, learning from other experts, understanding the best practices from other top matchmakers in the matchmaking industry is in my view a MUST to serve our clients well.
The past few years speakers have included among others; Dr. Helen Fisher, Dr. Diana Kirschner, Rachel Greenwald, Julie Ferman, Dr. Amir Levine, Paul C. Brunson and many other fascinating and fantastic speakers. From every speaker I can take something valuable away. I can pick up an idea, something I can improve, something I can relate to, something to think about, some food for thought, understanding different and best practices in the industry.

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2 Networking / Connecting

Why would a matchmaker from a small country like Switzerland be interested in connecting with matchmakers from around the globe? First of all, we matchmakers are connectors, we connect our clients but have to connect ourselves as well. In this day and age, it is not wise to stay on your island and to not be connected. Instead of competing, we look for synergies. This is as much in our client’s interest as it is in ours!
Secondly, It is fabulous to connect to other top matchmakers from all over the world. Meeting like-minded professionals who work in the same industry is priceless! There is a spirit of openness, everyone is easy to access. You can relate to the other matchmakers, understand each other’s challenges, and, they are as enthusiastic about spreading the love as you are!
Although the conference can be quite intense, there is sufficient opportunity to build potential business connections and even friendships.
Last but not least, I have an incredibly international clientele. – SuccessMatch clients come literally from all over the world. – Thanks to my network and connections, just these past months, we have organized first dates for our clients in Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, London, Bern, Zurich, Geneva, Frankfurt, Dubai and New York and that is fabulous.

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3 Energize / Inspiration

Ok, I admit that getting organized to leave for the conference is always a bit stressful, however, any stress and tiredness from working long hours before the conference, travel and jet lag disappears as soon as the conference starts. A room filled with matchmakers has an enormous amount of positive energy – you literally feel the love in the air.
Being part of the matchmaker conference is of enormous value to me and my clients and has helped my business enormously. Each year, I come back from the matchmaker conference with lots of new ideas and learnings, filled with new energy and inspiration, as well as fantastic new matchmaker and dating expert connections so that I can make my clients the best matches.

Want to find out if I can help you find your match?

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I look forward to hearing from you!

With Love,

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Sunday, 28 November 2021

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