Why successful, wealthy, single gentlemen invest in working with a top European matchmaker?


When people hear that as a top European matchmaker I find life partners for high net worth, successful gentlemen, sometimes they act surprised and say; “but surely if these men are so successful and wealthy, they should have no trouble meeting women?”

It is true that for many successful, high net worth gentlemen the challenge is not so much meeting women, but meeting the right women.

Below are the main reasons exceptional, single gentlemen seek out a European matchmaker and invest in my exclusive SuccessMatch services.

They realize a life partner or wife is the most important person in their life
No matter how successful you are and no matter how fantastic your standard of living is, if you cannot share it with someone you love, it does not mean much.
To love and be loved is a basic human need.

In fact, studies have shown that people in happy relationships lead more fulfilling lives.

No one has a bigger impact on your life than your life partner so we need to choose wisely. When you build a strong and happy relationship with the right lady, you will be there for each other in good times and bad times and will weather life’s storms together.

She will be the first person you see when you wake up and the last person you see before you go to sleep. You will be spending quite a bit of time together and so it is crucial to choose someone with whom you can be happy and fulfilled on a daily basis and for a very long time.

Successful gentlemen do not just randomly want to meet just anyone.
They are selective when it comes to meeting the most important person in their life.
By working with me as their personal matchmaker, I ensure that I can introduce them to the most compatible ladies who they would have otherwise not have been able to meet.

My discerning single gentlemen clientele trust me to make them the most important introduction in their life.

They are used to working with professionals and seeking the best service
When our select gentlemen clientele want to get fit, they work with a personal trainer, when they need legal advice they hire the best lawyer, when they are looking for a new property, they hire the best realtor. Many of my successful gentlemen clients are used to investing in hiring top executive headhunting firms when they want to hire the best for their companies.
They understand that searching for an even more important “role”, the one of their life partner, deserves investment in a top professional matchmaker.

Even when my clients lead busy lifestyles, they make this project for their personal happiness a priority.
We do all the important legwork for them and also offer a concierge service where we completely coordinate all their first dates.

By working with the exclusive SuccessMatch, they have the best chances to find HER in an enjoyable and efficient way.

They favor this approach; Boutique and Bespoke: Every gentleman is unique
Because each of my gentlemen clients is unique, every search for HER is unique.
We do not have a one size fits all type of services.
The beauty of working with a professional European matchmaker at a boutique matchmaking company is that you have a close relationship with your personal matchmaker and the service is completely personalized and tailored to your needs, and is of course completely confidential.

To avoid attracting or being attracted to “the wrong type of women”
Just like everyone else, my high net worth gentlemen clients want to be loved for who they are and not for what they possess or represent.
Not all, but some of my high net worth gentlemen clients have attracted or have been attracted to “the wrong type of women” in the past. These have very often been costly mistakes.
With life experience they realize they want to be loved for who they are. Working with a professional matchmaker is perfect in this situation. My SuccessMatch gentlemen clients can count on me to be very discreet and 100% confidential. I will never disclose the identity of my gentlemen clients to potential matches and I screen for values as well as for all the other criteria of their ideal match.

Lack of time and opportunities to meet suitable ladies
Some of my extremely successful gentlemen clients spend a lot of time and energy on their companies so they do not have many opportunities to meet someone outside of work or their current social circle.
For obvious reasons, they would not consider dating someone in their company.
As a professional matchmaker, I search for and screen potential matches for my gentlemen clients so that can enjoy introductions to compatible and exceptional ladies and potential partners whom they would have otherwise never have met.

Discerning – they want the best
OK, I admit that my gentlemen clients are discerning.
They want to find someone but not just anyone, and they certainly do not want to “waste” their precious time on ladies who do not meet their standard.
They are very selective and so, I have to be as well.

The type of lady they seek needs to have it all; beauty, class, style, culture, education, healthy lifestyle, international background, warmt, great personality, to name just a few.
The type of lady they seek is not to be found on any corner of the street.

trea tijmens european matchmaker


So that’s where I, as a top matchmaker, come in. 

I have been a successful European matchmaker for over 15 years and I have an enormous network of hard to find potential lady matches as well as other matchmaking and dating industry professionals.

I personally continuously search for and screen all potential compatible ladies to determine who I would like for my select clientele to meet which allows us to make quality, enjoyable and successful introductions.


Extremely successful single gentlemen work with a European Matchmaker like myself not because they cannot meet women, but because;

  • They realize a life partner or wife is the most important person in their life
  • They understand that finding the right partner deserves investment
  • They are used to working with professionals and seeking the best service
  • They want a bespoke, boutique service: Every gentleman is unique
  • They want to avoid attracting or being attracted to “the wrong type of women”
  • They lack time and opportunities to go find and meet suitable ladies themselves
  • They are discerning – they want the best

Trea Tijmens is the top European Matchmaker and founder of SuccessMatch.ch
SuccessMatch is a boutique matchmaking company headquartered in Switzerland.
Mrs. Tijmens personally finds partners for select gentlemen only.

If you wish to find HER, contact us to schedule a first call to see if there could be a fit.

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