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SuccessMatch and the importance of choosing a nice restaurant for your first date

Although it's great to do an activity on a first date, the vast majority of first dates that SuccessMatch organizes take place in a restaurant. As you know, at SuccessMatch we never give out contact details of clients and we coordinate all first dates for our clients.

In choosing a restaurant for the important first date of our clients, factors such as quality of the food, service, atmosphere, convenience, view, price, etc. are important and taken into consideration. Our clients are in the age ranges of mid 20s till mid 60s, and restaurant preferences range from trendy or more casual restaurants to 5 star hotels and Michelin star restaurants.
Food preferences Whether you are vegetarian, do not eat spicy food, have food allergies, etc. we do take your food preferences seriously .


Whether you opt for a convivial style restaurant like a pizzeria or a Michelin star restaurant, the quality of the food needs to be good and the price/quality ratio reasonable. As far as we know, on over 90% of the first dates, it is the gentleman who pays for dinner. We therefore often ask the male clients for input on the choice of restaurant.

Ability to park close to the restaurant is especially important for women in winter when it is cold outside and dark early.

We try to select a restaurant in line with your preferences that is not too close to where you live or work. (It would be far from ideal to bump into colleagues or neighbors on your first date). When we coordinate dates between clients in Geneva and Lausanne, a first date often takes place in Nyon and dates between clients from Geneva/Lausanne and Zurich often takes place in Bern.

Even after having lived in Switzerland for many years, a view over the lake or of the mountains is still magical. Although you should only have eyes for your date, a nice view is still a plus.

The restaurant should not have a cold atmosphere, on the other hand, it should not be too loud or overcrowded and there should be sufficient room between the tables.
For confidentiality reasons, we naturally do not make our reservations for first dates under the name SuccessMatch

An attentive but discrete service is also important in contributing to a pleasant first date. Just recently we had a couple meet for an early dinner at a 5 star hotel in Zurich and since the restaurant was still very empty, the waiter came every 10 minutes to check whether everything was ok and whether they needed anything else. All they wanted was to be left in peace so that they could get to know each other better

Correlation appreciation restaurant and first date
Since January 2008 we are working with a standard online date feedback form that we ask all clients to complete for our satistics. Both clients of the Premium Dating service, as well as clients of the Personalized Matchmaking service are asked to fill out the feedback form immediately after the date. (Clients of the Personalized Matchmaking service will additionally have a feedback call by phone).
On the feedback form clients are among other, asked to rate on a scale from 1 to 5 how satisfied they were meeting the partner we selected for them (consistently over 95% is from satisfied to extremely satisfied), as well as how they evaluated the restaurant we chose. So far, 92% of our clients who completed the feedback form were either satisfied or very satisfied with the restaurant we chose for their first date. 8% of the clients who filled out the form were not satisfied with the choice of restaurant. Interestingly enough, this seemed to often coincide with a "no" on the question on the form "Would you like to see your date again?"

We recently coordinated a date for a couple in their mid 50s and when I called the male client to see if he was ok with the choice of restaurant he replied "It doesn't matter, I am not going there for the food; it's the company that is important".
Experience, however, shows, that for an overall positive first date experience, not only the choice of partner but also the choice of restaurant is important.

Do you know any nice restaurants in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Bern or Basel for a first date? Thanks for letting us know. We are always happy to discover new venues for our clients' first dates.

Interested in finding out more about the SuccessMatch dating and matchmaking services? Contact Trea to schedule a complimentary first consultation at our Geneva or Zurich office. Call +41 22 575 2975 or contact Trea via the website

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