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Trea Tijmens is a successful matchmaker and award-winning dating expert and coach. Since 2005, Trea successfully helps her select single, divorced and widowed clientèle find love. In this blog she shares dating and relationships tips and advice. Enjoy!

Why would singles choose a professional matchmaking service when there are online dating services.

As a professional matchmaker I often encounter people who are wondering why I opened a dating and matchmaking agency over 15 years ago. They wonder whether there is still a need for a personalized matchmaking agency when nowadays there are thousands of “free” online dating services.

professional matchmaking service versus free online dating sitesIt is true that one might think that finding a partner these days with hundreds of thousands of singles on online dating platforms should be easy, and with unlimited options available online for “free”, why should one want to invest in an offline dating or matchmaking agency?

However, as many of my matchmaker colleagues as well as clients have realized, in this day and age where everything is digitalized and impersonalized and rushed, there is in fact a huge need for a more personal, human approach; Especially so in matters of the heart.

Over the years, online dating has become equal to human consumption at its best; it is too easy to take, reject, delete, erase, etc. Singles sit behind their computer screens, in their comfort zones, and look at thousands of profile photos (the individual gets lost in the masses) go by. Next, next, no, no, next, no, no, no – finding a partner can become similar to “human zapping”.

With online dating you “Don’t see the tree through the forest”

People have the feeling that there is an unlimited choice and whilst that should make dating easier, it seems to make dating very stressful. Psychology calls it the “paradox of choice”. When people have so many choices, they do not choose at all or do not feel satisfied about their choices.
Studies have shown that the more dating profiles people browse, the more time we spend, the more excessive our searching becomes, and the more muddled our dating criteria become. With too many possible choices, we risk not making a choice at all.
The perceived unlimited choice on online dating sites makes people indifferent and can lead to apathy. The whole process becomes impersonal; fellow human beings are not given a real opportunity and are screened out prematurely before they have even met before they have taken the time to get to know someone a little bit better. Perceived unlimited choice gives online daters the feeling that there may be a better match just round the corner and thus many are not motivated to give someone a real chance.


Let’s make it personal

Getting to know someone takes time and it starts with a date. There you can discover a real person, not an online profile or a static image. In real life, you can see that sparkle in someone’s eyes, their smile, you can build a conversation and see if there is a first connection or click.

Indeed, a partner, your most significant other, has such a huge impact on your life and happiness that you have to make it personal!

As opposed to online dating, a professional matchmaking service is;
confidential and
offers a real service and
guaranteed quality introductions.
We personally meet and get to know you and all of our clients and take the time to understand who you are and whom you are looking for.
We personally meet all your first dates and screen for quality and substance as much as you do.
We go on bad dates so that you will never have to.

Professional matchmakers offer the human and personal approach and touch in this very important process of finding that special someone.

Let’s put the personal back into the search for a life partner.
As matchmakers we work closely with our clients which creates a bond and a relationship of trust.
We care about all of our clients and want them to succeed.
We are there for them throughout the process and provide a friendly, professional and personal service.
Whilst a dating and matchmaking service has nowhere near the number of singles as an online dating service, our stats are great.

Over 95% of our clients are very satisfied with the matches we select for them and over 75% of our clients who go on a first date continue to see each other - > those are amazing statistics that you can never have with online dating.

There is nothing more personal than finding one’s life partner and the need for a personal approach to find that special him or her is real.

looking for your match ask the expert

So contact SuccessMatch and have a chat to see whether our personalized and confidential dating and matchmaking services are a fit for you!

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