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‘Fall’ in Love - Unique & Fun Date Ideas for Autumn in Switzerland

One of the most important parts of starting to date is… starting to date! Since the pandemic started the dating world has changed dramatically. For many successful singles the world being turned on its head has made it easier than ever to push dating to the back burner.

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As summer comes to an end it’s the perfect time to take stock of your life, get honest with yourself about where you are and where you want to be, and start taking action to help you get there. Let this be your last ‘Single Summer!’ If you truly want someone to share your life with, there is no better time than now to start looking for love.

If you’re like many of the successful singles that I work with, you already have a wonderful life, but you’re just missing a wonderful partner to share it with.

If you’re ready to jumpstart your love life then keep reading for my three tips to fall in love with dating, plus 10 unique and romantic date ideas to inspire you to get off of the single train and start having amazing dates now!

If having someone to share your life with is a major priority for you then nothing should be able to put that goal on the backburner.

It can feel intimidating to get back on the dating scene but with the right guidance you can actually enjoy the process!

Follow these three tips to fall in love with dating again this Fall:

1. Show up, have fun and BE fun!

It is not only a matter of “putting yourself out there,” but HOW you put yourself out there. Your attitude, especially on first dates, is fundamental. Having a positive mindset can truly be the difference between an ‘OK’ date and an unforgettable one!

Think about it, how can you expect your date to give 100% if you’re only showing up with 60%? Everyone deserves your best so show up fully! Remember that your goal is to see how you get on and if you would like to get to know each other better whilst having an enjoyable time. Read here about how you can recognize (and avoid!) dating fatigue and bring the best version of yourself to every date. Have fun and BE fun!

2. Use online dating as a starting point.

With the pandemic, online dating apps have taken off, and they’re here to stay. They’ve changed the entire landscape of dating and while it may seem intimidating or impossible to find a decent man who is actually looking for a relationship, you might be surprised by how easy it can be to start dating again. With access to so many singles, there must be someone who could be right for you.

Nothing beats meeting someone in real life and dating in person is still critical to starting a serious relationship, using apps to meet other singles and virtual dating as a first step to meet the right partner can be an amazing way to get started. Read more about how to get started with virtual dating here!

3. Just get started!

The best advice I can give is to just get started. So many singles wait for the “perfect time” to finally get back into dating, making excuses like, ”Once I get this promotion/find a new apartment/the kids are a bit older/the pandemic is over... then I’ll start dating again.”

If you search for excuses, you’ll find them. The best and only time to start is now!

Do you want to get back into dating but not quite sure how to get started? Click here to schedule a free consultation and discover how I can support you.

Now, let’s talk about those exciting date ideas to spice up your dating life... Your typical dinner date is great for a potential romantic spark, but why not try some new and exciting date experiences?

Geneva, Zurich, Basel, Bern: Switzerland has some of the most incredible cities in the world and there are so many activities to do but lots of singles don’t realize it or aren’t taking full advantage of them.

Enjoyable activities ease the pressure of a first date, which helps you focus on getting to know each other. If things don’t work out at least you’re guaranteeing yourself a fun day regardless!

10 Date Ideas in Switzerland This Fall

  1. Do a walking tour of your city, regardless of where you live and even if you’re both locals. It’s a great way to do something out of the ordinary and will be sure to set you up for great conversation afterwards. Most of these tours will take place in the city center so they can be easily followed by some drinks and tapas.
  2. Book a chocolate tour in Geneva. This tour is as informative as it is delicious! Imagine learning about the history of chocolate while trying a variety of local swiss chocolates all while enjoying the beautiful orange and gold leaves lining the cobblestone streets. You’ll walk around the city’s most historic squares and churches and even enjoy a boat ride across the lake.
  3. Try a wine and cheese tasting in Geneva. There are so many incredible restaurants in the area so why not make your date an experience too? Here you can set up a private tasting and start or end a date in style.
  4. Take a visit to a medieval paper mill in Basel. Why not try something out of the ordinary for your first date in Basel? Visit one of the world’s oldest paper mills, which also happens to be one of Basel’s most highly rated museums. You’ll learn about the history of paper making and you can even take part in a paper making workshop.
  5. Try dining in the dark in Basel. This restaurant first started as a commitment to provide work opportunities for those with impared vision but it quickly became much more than that. This fun concept is a Basel favorite. It’s an interesting way to get to know each other on a first date too!
  6. Take an evening train ride and a scenic dinner on Zurich’s mountain. You can take a train from the main station up to Uetliberg for a great meal and even better views. Or, skip the reservation and take the train up during the day with a blanket and glass of champagne to toast to the start of something new.
  7. Go on a boat ride to romantic Rapperswil on Zurich Lake and visit a twelfth century castle. The boat ride lasts about an hour and half and has beautiful views all around the lake. Be sure to reserve tickets in advance to the Rapperswil Castle as they tend to sell out. Or, skip the trip to the castle and take a romantic walk around the medieval streets amongst rose gardens and vineyards.
  8. Go for a walk across Contra Dam 'GoldenEye’ style in Ticino. See where the movie GoldenEye was filmed and you will also surely see some bungee jumpers in the fall. For the adrenaline junkies, or if you’re simply feeling adventurous, then you can even take a leap of faith together!
  9. Climb to the top of Sauvabelin Tower in Lausanne. If you’re looking for a more active date in Lausanne, why not go for a climb up this historic tower for the breathtaking views of the city and then go out for a well deserved drink afterwards?
  10. Go on a cycling tour of Bern. What could be better than an active and scenic tour of Bern? You can set up a guided tour through the city or bring your own bikes, follow set routes and finish off with a stop in a nice place for some drinks and nibbles.

Whether you plan on taking a ride on a foliage train or visiting local traditional festivals around the country, the possibilities are endless to start a romance this autumn. Use our top unique and romantic dates ideas to get inspired to fall back into love this autumn.

No one to date? Contact us to schedule a complimentary consult and find out how we can help you change that!

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