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Welcome to the SuccessMatch Blog! We will share useful and/or funny dating information and tips.
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Why would singles choose a professional matchmaking service when there are online dating services.

professional matchmaking service versus free online dating sites
As a professional matchmaker I often encounter people who are wondering why I opened a dating and matchmaking agency over 12 years ago. They wonder wh...
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Advice for singles from a professional matchmaker

advice for singles from professional matchmaker
Next time you encounter someone who you think is not your type, give them a chance. On June 8 th my husband and I will be celebrating our 26 th weddin...
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Valentine’s Day – do we really have to do this also? YES, we do!

woman valentine roses
Valentine’s Day – do we really have to do this also? YES, we do! Here is why and how. I know, I know… We have barely emerged from Christmas and alread...
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Want your New Year’s resolutions to happen? Do this!

Finding partner New Years Resolutions
During the holiday season and at the end of the year, many people reflect upon their life and the past year: millions of people will start 2019 with N...
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How to survive your first Christmas single.

surviving xmas single
If you recently broke up or became separated and this is your first Christmas being single , these four tips on how to survive your first Christmas ar...
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