Trea Tijmens

Trea Tijmens is a successful matchmaker and award-winning dating expert and coach. Since 2005, Trea successfully helps her select single, divorced and widowed clientèle find love. In this blog she shares dating and relationships tips and advice. Enjoy!

‘Fall’ in Love - Unique & Fun Date Ideas for Autumn in Switzerland

Single fall love switzerland
One of the most important parts of starting to date is… starting to date! Since the pandemic started the dating world has changed dramatically. For ma...
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Rock Bottom Moments of Solitude Felt By Singles (and How They Took Control & Changed Their Stories)

single alone problems
Lara was driving on the highway on her way home from yoga class one Sunday evening when her car suddenly started making loud banging noises. She check...
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This Single Woman Stopped Putting Love on the Backburner and Here’s What Happened

Single woman alone designer couch
Mia, an incredibly successful marketing executive in Zurich came home after an exciting but long day at the office. She sat down on her designer sofa ...
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5 Reasons Your Love Life Isn't Where You Want It to Be - and What to Do Instead

5 reasons love life not successful
Are you successful in all areas of your life except for the one big one - love? If you’ve been searching for the right life partner and had little to ...
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From "Deal Breaker" First Date To Married with Kids - The Secret Behind These Successful Relationships

Single to married with children
Often I have clients who are truly committed to finding love, but they get in their own way when it comes to the process. One of the most common mista...
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