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5 Reasons for Singles to become a Match Candidate with SuccessMatch exclusive dating service

Single in Zurich, Geneva, Basel or Lausanne?

Want to meet quality, attractive singles?

Become a Match Candidate with SuccessMatch and have the opportunity to be matched with our eligible single clients.

single zurich geneva basel match candidateThink about it! Your perfect match could be one of the SuccessMatch dating and matchmaking clients!

As matchmakers we are always interested in adding quality singles who could be potential matches for our clients to our database.

Did you know that it is possible to become a Match Candidate with SuccessMatch and have the opportunity to be matched with the SuccessMatch successful, attractive and single professional clients?

  • Are you a fun, attractive, quality professional Single in Switzerland?
  • You have a great life the only thing missing is a wonderful partner to share it with?
  • Do you want to meet quality, relationship-oriented and attractive singles?
  • Then SuccessMatch is for you!

And, … there are options.

  1. You can become an active client of our dating or matchmaking service and we'll actively search for matches for you
  2. You can take date coaching with our CEO, international matchmaker and dating expert Trea Tijmens
    Or, and this is what this blogpost is about;
  3. You can join us as a Match Candidate and be in our database of singles and have the opportunity to be matched with one of the great active clients of our dating or matchmaking service.

Here are 5 reasons why quality singles in Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich or Basel should become a SuccessMatch Match Candidate

  1. If you are a great single professional, becoming a SuccessMatch Match Candidate will give you the opportunity to be matched with our fantastic eligible and relationship-oriented SuccessMatch clients
  2. Applying to be a match candidate is free - just get started and complete the questions via this link and also upload some nice and recent photos of yourself
  3. The SuccessMatch matchmakers have personally met and gotten to know all of their single clients, understand who they are and whom they wish to meet so that we can make quality introductions.
  4. Your perfect match may be one of SuccessMatch dating or matchmaking service clients!
  5. We have beautiful success stories with Match Candidates!

What is a Match Candidate

At SuccessMatch we want to find the best matches for our great single clients in our dating and matchmaking services and are always looking for new, quality, attractive singles!
We match our eligible single clients from our pool of active clients as well as from our pool of Match Candidates.
Match Candidates are NOT SuccessMatch clients but are quality singles who have registered with us plus have been screened by us and thus have the opportunity to be matched with our successful, commitment-oriented clients if we deem the fit right.

So to get it straight; if you would like us to actively search matches for you, you need to become a paid client of either our Dating or Matchmaking service.
If you want the opportunity to be matched with one of our great clients, you can >apply to become a Match Candidate!

How do you become a Free SuccessMatch Match candidate?

  1. Apply to be a SuccessMatch Match candidate. Complete the confidential questionnaire via this link and upload some nice and recent photos of yourself. Applying is free of charge.
    2. We will review your application and contact you. If your application is successful, we will send you a Match Candidate agreement with a confidentiality clause.
    3. When we believe you could be a potential match for one of our clients, we will contact you for a consultation (at no cost to you) in order to determine whether an introduction makes sense. 

Then you are available to potential matches with our current clientele of quality professional singles.

Rest assured that your information is completely confidential.
The only persons who can see your profile are the SuccessMatch matchmakers and the person we would like to introduce you to.
You get to see their confidential profile as well before agreeing to go out on a first date.
SuccessMatch coordinates your complete first date and never gives out your contact details.

You can only gain by applying to be a match candidate!
Your perfect match could be one of our clients!

Although as a Match Candidate you are not a client and we do not actively search matches for you, you are on our books and the Match Candidate database is the first place we look when searching for matches for our high-quality clientele.

Should one of the clients of our dating or matchmaking service be interested in your profile, we will make the match proposal and present him/her to you. You will receive each other’s confidential profile and SuccessMatch organizes your entire first date at no cost to you.

Indeed, we have beautiful success stories of matches between active SuccessMatch clients and singles from our Match Candidate pool.

Such as Sally,* 31, working at a pharma company in Basel.
Sally moved to Switzerland several years ago and has a happy, fulfilling professional life.
She would like to find a partner and have a family and has been telling herself for the past 4 years that she is not in a hurry.
Sally is a wonderful and attractive single.
At 31 and after 4 years of focusing on her professional life and thinking that - when the time is right, she will meet her partner by chance - she found herself still single and decided she wanted to help chance.
She googled dating agencies for professionals in Switzerland and found SuccessMatch.
She contacted us and applied to be a Match Candidate.
We liked her profile and had a Skype consultation during which we got a better understanding of who Sally was and what is important to her in a partner.
After Sally signed the Match Candidate agreement, she was an active Match Candidate on our books.

Two weeks later Tom* joined the SuccessMatch Platinum Matchmaking service.
Tom is 39 and works in the financial sector in Geneva.
He has a great, quite busy life and has been ready to settle down and think of a family for the past 5 years.
Tom had tried some online dating and although he dated quite a bit, he had not met the right lady yet.
After meeting Tom in person and getting to know him well, we thought he would really like Sally and they could be a great match. Although Tom had originally said he only wanted to meet matches from the Geneva Lausanne area, for Sally from Basel he was willing to make an exception and go the extra mile.
He met her on a Saturday in Bern for a first date at Schwellenmätteli.
The rest is history as they say.

single zurich geneva basel success story single matches

Tom and Sally are in a happy relationship! Yay, another success match between a SuccessMatch Platinum Matchmaking client and a Match Candidate!

Why not apply to be a match candidate with SuccessMatch too?
Simply complete the questionnaire via this link and upload some great photos here and we'll get in touch regarding the next steps.

If you would like us to actively search for you, join our Dating or Matchmaking service.
We look forward to talking to you about this.

*names changed for confidentiality reasons

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