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5 easy steps for singles in Geneva to start meeting people

Is meeting someone nice mission impossible for Singles in Geneva?

Most people who are single, divorced or widowed and interested in finding a partner in the Geneva area seem to believe that it is difficult to meet someone nice. Is it really ? I recently contributed an article to the Autumn edition of the Frontier magazine that just came out.

"Single in Geneva ; Meeting someone nice – mission impossible?" Is the title of the article and you can find a copy of the full article here .

5 easy steps for singles in geneva to start meeting people

The good news in the article is that meeting nice people is totally possible; all it takes is a few changes in your daily routine!

Many singles ask me where they can possibly meet nice singles of the opposite sex. The answer is simple; ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. At the bakery, dry cleaners, grocery store, on your way to work, in the elevator, at the coffee machine, at a bus stop, in the train, at your sport activities; wherever and whenever you encounter others – your future partner could be one of people you encounter throughout your normal day.

When I ask singles how motivated they are to reach their goal of finding a partner on a scale from 1 to 10 where 1 is not at all motivated and 10 is extremely motivated, over 95% of the singles will give me a 9 or 10, so they are very motivated to find a partner. However, when I then ask them how many new people (of the opposite sex) they meet (in person) and interact with in an average week, over 80% will give me the number zero or 1.

Of course there is all sorts of things you can do to increase your chances of finding a partner. (which is what I teach in my dating success seminars– for further info see )

Women often say that it must be that there are no available men in the lake Geneva area as no men approach them*.

When I ask men in the Lake Geneva area whether they approach women the vast majority answer that they do NOT. Interestingly, when asked why not, they answer that the vast majority of women simply look like they do not want to be approached.

So here are my top 5 Tips on breaking through this dating impasse whilst making the Lake Geneva a more friendly and human place.

1 Smile; a smile makes us approachable, it puts people at ease, when you smile; others smile back

2 Looks ; Look and dress like you are an attractive available single looking for a relationship versus "I am a frumpy person with zero interest in people from the opposite sex". How we look impacts how we feel and our packaging should support our inner beauty

3 Engage with your environment ; in case you did not realize, the following behavior has written DO NOT APPROACH ME all over it;

· blocking an empty seat from being taken in for example coffee shops, or public transport,

· being absorbed in a book, newspaper or phone conversation

· checking your facebook account on your Iphone,

· having your earplugs in and listening to your music

· closed body language (turning your body away from others)

· making zero eye contact

· having a closed facial expression (not smiling)

4 Take a chance; Dare to make that first step. You have got to be willing to take a few "risks" when it comes to finding a partner. Frankly, what exactly is the risk of saying hello to someone? The worst thing that could happen is that they do not respond, should that happen, do not take it personal the person who does not respond probably had a bad day or has no manners. Greeting (and meeting) random other people is simply nice, friendly, normal, and makes our society more human.

5 Break the ice; Smile and say something. What should you say? Keep it simple and start with an « Hello, good morning». When the other party responds, and you are interested in engaging further with someone, build on the conversation by asking them a simple, friendly open ended question and see how they respond and take it from there.

I know that you do not want to meet just anyone; you want to find that really special, amazing lady or gentleman who is just right for you. The point is, that you cannot know whether someone is right for you unless you meet them. So stick with the above 5 tips and you will be amazed to discover the possibilities!.





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