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Trea Tijmens is a successful matchmaker and award-winning dating expert and coach. Since 2005, Trea successfully helps her select single, divorced and widowed clientèle find love. In this blog she shares dating and relationships tips and advice. Enjoy!

10 Guy Dating Tips for Single Professionals in Switzerland by Date Coaching Experts

Through my more than 15 years of experience as matchmaker and dating coach, I frequently hear single professionals, particularly men, asking for effective dating tips. Although each person is different and sometimes a person may require tailored date coaching, I came across some excellent dating tips posted on mademan website, the original link was taken down but I managed to save the content. The article written by Nakia Lynch provides sound general advice for men wanting to improve their dating skills.

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It is no secret that dating is a challenge for guys, so here's 10 guy dating tips. Like the weather dating trends are constantly changing. Some guys find themselves clueless as to what is appropriate and not appropriate when dating. Knowing some useful dating tips can make a huge difference in the success of your dates as well as your path to long term commitment.

1.Appearance. Pay close attention to your appearance when preparing for a date. Wear clean and wrinkle free clothes. Women appreciate a well put together man. Be sure to shave and keep cologne to a minimum. If you are picking up your date, do so in a clean vehicle. Upon greeting your date, smile and give them a hug. Let them know how nice it is to meet them. First impressions make or break you.

2.Chivalry. Chivalry is not dead and it goes a long way on a date. Contrary to the feminist movement, women appreciate it when you are a true gentleman and treat her like a lady. Make it a point to open doors, pull her chair out and cover the bill. There is a sense of security that is gained when you show her you can respect her the way she deserves to be respected.

3.Conversation. Conversation is very important when dating. It is recommended that you stay clear of controversial topics when dating. Discuss current books, movies, and music to keep the conversation light. Ask open ended questions to keep a nice flow. Offer details about yourself as well. Let her know your interest in her by asking a lot of questions pertaining to her.

4.Be attentive. Show that you have the ability to give her the attention needed, by giving her your undivided attention. Your date is the main focus for the night and you should do everything in your ability to allow her to know and feel that is the case. Repeat things your date has shared with you to allow her to know that what she is saying is important enough to keep your attention. Do not make the mistake of looking at other women while on your date.

5.Sense of humor. There is something about a candid, natural sense of humor that makes you and the date memorable. Women enjoy being in the company of a man that can make them laugh. A lot of women rate this as the top quality they look for in a potential mate. If you are not a natural in this arena, develop a sense of humor. Be careful not to overdo it. Women know the difference between a natural sense of humor and one that is fabricated.

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6.Maintain control of the date. You should always show initiative on your date. Women appreciate a guy that can take control and do what is necessary to make a date successful.

7.Be creative when choosing a date location. Find out the likes and hobbies of your date and plan a date centered around one or more of these things. This goes a long way. Your date will appreciate the fact the date was tailor made and suited for her.

8.Compliment. Complimenting your date is a must on any date. Tell your date how beautiful she looks.. Compliment her on how she smells, her hair and her accomplishments. Women really appreciate it when you go our of your way to notice how she has prepared herself for the date and take notice of your date's accomplishments.

9.Physical contact. Knowing what and what not to do on a date is vital. You must be keen in discerning what is desirable regarding your date. Kissing a date, when it was more appropriate to hug can ruin a date. Pay close attention to body language. You can usually discern what is best by simply being attentive. If you are unsure it is probably more safe to hug your date.

10.Follow-up. It is recommended that you follow up a successful date with a phone call. Let your date know you had a great time and really enjoyed their company. At that time you may also inquire about a second date if you sense a genuine interest from your date.

These are 10 solid dating tips – gentlemen do apply all and you will have great dating success!

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Trea Tijmens is the CEO and Founder of SuccessMatch and DatingSuccess. She has more than 15 years of experience in matchmaking and date coaching. Trea is the first professional matchmaker in Continental Europe to be certified by the prestigious Matchmaking Institute. If you have questions or comments do not hesitate to contact Trea through this contact form (click here)


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