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Single? 5 Things to Do Differently in Dating This Year

Happy woman and man

Many single women crave to find love and share the rest of their lives with the right partner. They believe reaching this goal is a priority, but the ...

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5 Simple Tips to Create Connection on a Date


What you’ll learn: Many single women I work with give up after the first date because they “didn’t feel a spark.” It’s possible to create a connection...

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Why Are You Still Single? Discover the 3 Obstacles That Have Likely Kept You Single, and How to Overcome Them

Single woman

If you are serious about wanting to find a life partner, but you have not been successful so far, then finding out why you’re still single is a great ...

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Are Men Attracted to Successful Women? Here's the Surprising Truth

Successful Woman 1

What you’ll learn: From my experience as matchmaker and dating coach I see that men are attracted to successful women as long as they are feminine too...

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5 Words of Advice I Give to Anyone Who Is About to Go on a First Date

Woman with cup of tea

After finishing work, women all over Switzerland half-heartedly look in the mirror, touch up their makeup a bit before begrudgingly looking down at th...

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