Although you have a good life and amazing career, you have been wondering where and how and whenyou will finally meet a wonderful partner who wants the same things in life and with whom you can build a happy, mutually fulfilling, long term, committed, and exclusive relationship.

My Group Coaching and Mastermind Program
Find Your Success Match” is the answer!

find your success match group coaching

This proven program,
helps smart, single, professional women
find an excellent partner
for a happy, fulfilling, long-term relationship.

It’s time to focus on and invest in your personal success and get the expert step by step guidance, training, tools, and support to find that great man!

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My Group Coaching Program "Find Your Success Match" will help you among other;

♥ Get clear and aligned on your wants, your needs, and your goals
♥ Live a happy, fulfilling life now
♥ Clear out any leftovers from past relationships
♥ Change dead-end dating and relationship patterns
♥ Be your best, authentic, feminine, and happy self, and be perceived as such
♥ Create the right mindsets to get to your goal
♥ Overcome common self-sabotaging behaviors 
♥ Eliminate limiting beliefs that keep you single
♥ Set up for dating success
♥ Stay on track to your goal with a dating compass
♥ Keep things real and clear, and create and keep the momentum
♥ Create, recognize and act upon opportunities to meet your partner in real life
♥ Use a dating app successfully by supporting you step by step and providing guidelines
♥ Understand the difference between love and lust
♥ Choose the right partner based on compatibility
♥ Create the relationship you want by learning to set the standards
♥ Communicate your needs in a relationship with clarity and grace
♥ and much, much more!

If you are highly motivated to do what is necessary to find your partner with my help, then you are in the right place!

Why work with me?

Award winning dating expert Trea Tijmens

I have been helping successful single professionals find love for over 17 years and I am passionate about it!

I am an award-winning dating and relationship expert and I am really good at what I do. 

My goal is to see you succeed and I’ll be there with you all along the way. ?

100% of my clients start dating gentlemen they have met themselves while being coached by me (not introduced by me) and over 85% find a great partner.

Of course, I am a super coach? but…. I am also selective who I work with.    

There is limited availability in the group coaching program and I want to ensure that we have an awesome group of highly motivated, like-minded singles and there is, therefore, a qualifying process.

Contact me right away about your spot in this group and I will send you the next steps!
I can’t wait to coach you on how to Find Your Success Match and build a happy, mutually fulfilling long-term committed relationship!

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Some Testimonials about the "Find Your Success Match" coaching program

date-coaching-review"WOW, all I can say is I wish I had taken your coaching program earlier. I had not been dating since I moved to Switzerland, and believed that there were no quality men who are interested in a “serious” relationship here.
After you helped me let go of that and some other limiting beliefs, it was almost embarrassing to find that there were so many quality men who were interested in the same type of relationship I was looking for.
Fun fact; when you came up with your “men tracking tool” in the second session, I thought; “seriously? I am not meeting any men, there is nothing to track”. Little did I know that I would be using that excel sheet so much throughout your coaching program. I met 8, and dated 3 great quality men while in your program. In the end I decided to continue with Thomas whose expectations and vision for a happy and secure functioning relationship most closely resembled mine. We are happy and got married last Summer." Eva, 52 Zurich

date-coaching-testimonial"I had tried everything already; online dating, speed dating, a dating agency and even went on a very expensive singles trip. I had almost given up hope that I would ever find the right man who also wants marriage and family, when a trusted colleague (UN) highly recommended your coaching program to me.
After you spoke to me about your coaching program a glimmer of hope was rekindled and I decided to commit to your group coaching program and really go for it! You identified quickly that I had a bit of dating burn out and made me take a break from dating for 3 weeks. I needed to look inward and first focus and “work” on myself (flooding myself with love was awesome).
After that I was ready to look outward for my partner and actually started enjoying dating again. After 40 days in your program I met Paul (who claims he was attracted by my great smile and positive energy) in the Migros grocery store of all places? As I told you last Wednesday by phone, we are expecting a boy this Summer! Thanks again for the amazing work you do." Ana, 36 Geneva

"What a difference working with a love coach has made! Yes, I had a great life and I loved my job, but I also saw the years go by and friends getting married and having families. Although I kept telling myself I was not desperate and there was still time, I knew that unless I changed something, nothing would change.

Your step by step coaching program gave me exactly what I needed to find my Success Match and create the life and the relationship I longed for. Thanks for being there along the way to keep us on track with your positive attitude and all the practical tips and advice to support us."
Michelle, 39 Geneva

"I found such an amazing man, my single girlfriends say it was a miracle! I pointed out that it was not a miracle but the result of investing in your super coaching program. Like you said, I put in the work and got results? I am sending some of my friends your way!

Thanks for making it all seem so easy and keeping the process enjoyable. As you know, I am happy and all is well, with plans of the wedding almost finalized. PS. I miss our calls though."
 Camilla, 35 Basel

date-coaching-review"Trea you are the best love coach! I want to thank you for your honesty and support in your coaching program. I so appreciate you called me out on my B.S. (in your gentle way). I needed that to go forward. I was one of the few “serial daters” in your program and thought that would make it easier for me as compared to the women who had not been dating much. I was wrong. It was tough to realize that with all those dates with men that did not go anywhere, there was one common denominator -> me.
Your coaching program helped me do the necessary work on myself (like you said; finding the right partner starts with being the right partner). I am happy to report that I have met the right man for me and things are easy, clear and they flow naturally. We both want to build a family and hope this will become a reality next year." Janelle, 37 Geneva

coaching-review"I wanted to find my partner and committed to your coaching program 2 years ago and, needless to say, I can only highly recommend it! I am so glad you helped me expand my comfort zone so smoothly. Of all the different aspects of your coaching program, the part that gave me the most was also the part I feared the most before the program started. We had to create opportunities to meet men on the Tinder app. When we finally got to that part of your program, I somehow (with your guidelines and supervision) felt ready and was open to the possibilities.

Thank goodness I gave Tinder a chance as that is where I met Frank and as you know, we are now happily married and have the most amazing little girl." Helen, 41 Lausanne

"Hello Trea, I just wanted to let you know that it did not work out with the Italian man I met while in your Find Your Success Match program.

However, you gave me all the skills and tools I needed in your program and a few months later I met Claus who has all the qualities that I need to be happy and fulfilled and we share the same relationship goals. We got engaged on the 20th of March." Sonja, 39 Zurich

Benefits of a group coaching program

#1 – You are not alone.
When you realize that others are experiencing similar or the exact same challenges, you realize you are in the same boat and that everyone is there to move forward.

#2 – I’ve got you.
It’s wonderful to know that I am there to help guide you through the dating jungle! I have coached many before you to dating success and you can count on me to be honest, direct and straightforward.

#3 - Learn from others.
There is an enormous amount of power and collective wisdom in a group. Sharing experiences (good and bad) is a learning experience for all.

#4 - Greater Accountability = Better Results.
Not only will you make a commitment to me and yourself, you will make it to the group! Greater accountability leads to greater action and greater results!

#5 - Effective.
When you put in the work, you will get results.
Input -> output

#6 - Something to Look Forward To.
Group coaching sessions are enjoyable, uplifting and inspiring… and can even be fun!

#7 - Great Return on Investment.
You get my best but at a much more affordable rate. You get more for less!

What is included in this Group Coaching and Mentoring program?

✓ 2 live group coaching calls of 60 minutes per month
Every 2nd and 4th Monday of the month from 7:00 till 8:00 pm CET

My coaching will guide you step by step over an 8 month period to be, find and choose the right partner and I will help you get great results whilst keeping the process fun and sustainable.

✓ Video recordings of all coaching sessions
All coaching sessions are recorded so you can watch replay should you have to miss a call.

✓ Monthly 1 hour Live energy and mindset group coaching calls 
Being able to manage your time, energy, emotions, believes and mindset are crucial to your success in this program and beyond. Energy and mindset coach Lisa will support you with this.

✓ Monthly private 15-minute accountability session 
Review what you have accomplished, what you didn’t get down (and why!) and make sure you are staying on track in the program.

✓ Hand selected resources and tools
I will make resources and tools such as recommended books, videos, articles, guidelines, exercises available to support you to success in your partner search.

✓ Closed group for communication in the group
This group, (only accessible and visible to the group), is for communication and asking questions in between sessions. This is also where you will find recordings of the coaching sessions, important worksheets, support documents, questionnaires, training videos, etc.

✓ Access to the Smart Singles Success Society
The Smart Singles Success Society is a closed group exclusively for ladies who want to find love whilst living a happy and fulfilling life and enjoying the journey. It provides an opportunity to learn, grow, share, inspire and be inspired.

✓ Access to two of my amazing live events
Several times a year I put on an amazing live event. Where I share my insights and practical tips. These are amazing experiences with like-minded single ladies and as a member of my group program you will get complimentary access to 2 of these events.


Yes group coaching success match

NB: If you are already in our CRM you can not register via this button and just contact me;

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