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If you have not tried online dating yet, or you have tried it but with zero success, you need help from an online dating coach.
This Fall I am running the next group coaching program “Online Dating from Zero to Hero” just for you!

Online dating support group coaching

Ok, let me give it to you straight; online dating has its pitfalls. However, online dating also has a lot of advantages that you should at least consider when looking for a partner!

The disadvantage of online dating is that you have to put yourself “out there”.
You have to put up a profile with photos and other people, who you know nothing about, may be able to see this.
However, is that a reason not to try online dating?
I would say, it is not.

Firstly, the fact that you are single and wish to meet a nice partner is nothing to hide, in fact, it makes you a completely normal human being:)

Secondly, in order to find a partner, you have to start meeting (new) people, and that is where online dating comes in.

Anyone that puts an online dating profile up is by principle interested in meeting someone!

Criteria such as age, personal situation, whether they have or want kids, whether they live an active lifestyle, where they live, etc. are easy to see or find.

By far the biggest advantage of online dating is that it gives you almost instant access to an enormous pool of people who are like you, searching for a partner!

The advantages of online dating far outweigh the disadvantages!

So whilst, as a dating coach, I highly recommend singles to use online dating as one of the tools to meet a partner, you have to do online dating the right way in order for it to be successful.

Unless you do it right, online dating will be a waste of time and a frustrating journey that will be neither sustainable nor successful.

That is why I am offering a special Online Dating group coaching course just for you!

date coaching trea geneva zurich basel lausanne switzerlandMy name is Trea Tijmens and I am a matchmaker and dating coach. 

Over the past 12 years I have touched the lives of over 8000 singles.I will offer you a step by step plan and handbook to make your online partner search successful and…

I am there to help and guide you.

Your personal online dating GPS so to speak:)

To ensure enough individual attention, I will only coach a small group of singles.
Don’t miss this opportunity and join my online dating group coaching program From Zero to Heroin Online Dating now. 



If you are interested in this program, write trea@successmatch.ch and I will contact you to see if you qualify for the pre registration.

5 online group coaching sessions of 90 minutes
Online dating handbook with step by step guidelines
Review of your online dating profile by your online dating coach Trea Tijmens
Review of your online dating profile pictures by your online dating coach Trea Tijmens
Recordings of all coaching sessions