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WHO should become a Match Candidate?

If you are a sophisticated, attractive, cultivated and relationship-oriented single, make sure you are a Success Match Match Candidate.

Single? WHY should you become a Match Candidate with Success Match?

Being a Match Candidate provides for a unique opportunity to be introduced to exceptional single, divorced or widowed individuals who are looking for a lasting relationship. If you are a quality single, you have everything to gain by being connected to Trea; she may introduce you to your Success Match!

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HOW do I become a Match Candidate?

Complete the confidential application form. Each application will be carefully reviewed by the SuccessMatch team and approved applicants for Trea's Match Candidate circle will be communicated next steps. Your details will be kept confidential.

HOW MUCH does it cost to be a Match Candidate?

Once your initial application has been approved and you are invited to become included in Trea’s Match Candidate circle, a single registration fee of 240 EUR (250 CHF) is payable.
This fee is charged by credit card, is non-refundable and allows us to get to know you better and make your confidential profile, and provides you a;
A complimentary 50-minute Skype consultation with Trea Tijmens, our CEO, matchmaker and dating coach.
• Membership to the Smart Singles Success Society, a closed Facebook group exclusively for ladies who want to find love whilst living a happy and fulfilling life and enjoying the journey. It provides resources and tools, and opportunities to learn, grow, share, inspire and be inspired and access to award-winning dating expert Trea Tijmens.

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WHAT HAPPENS once I am a Match Candidate?

After signing a Match Candidate agreement and providing us with a copy of a valid ID, you are active as a Match Candidate. Your details as a Match Candidate are kept confidential. They will not be published or posted on a website and the confidential profile that SuccessMatch has made for you, will only be discussed with a client should Trea feel that there could be a match.
When you are selected for a date with one of our clients, it is free of charge to you.

Match Candidates are not clients of SuccessMatch and SuccessMatch does not provide coaching services to or actively look for matches for Match Candidates.
Should you wish active support in your partner search, contact Trea to discuss the different options.
Your details as a Match Candidate are kept confidential.
Your profile will only be presented to a client should Trea feel there could be a match.
We will only ever make an introduction once both you and the client would like to meet.
SuccessMatch cannot guarantee matches for Match Candidates.

Single and Interested in becoming a Match Candidate? Please submit your details by answering the questions on the form about yourself and the person you would hope to meet, and upload a minimum of 2 nice and recent photos (preferably a full-length shot as well as a close up). When your application is successful, a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

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I recently had the pleasure of being introduced to a wonderful, sophisticated and intelligent man by TREA and her team at SuccessMatch. This introduction, with Trea's expertise and guidance, resulted in a connected, meaningful and international relationship. He is a great match for me in so many ways and Trea got it so right, down to the smallest detail like our shared love of travel and good wine.

From the beginning, the whole experience has been professional, elegant and incredibly accurate in terms of the qualities I look for in a man and what he was looking for in a woman.

My Success Match is everything I would want in a partner and most importantly, our values are aligned. I was astounded by the accuracy of Trea's understanding of my and his personality and why we are a great match.

Success Match curated our first dates with finesse and Trea guided us gently along the initial stages without being imposing, making the experience less awkward, more fun and therefore greatly improving the chances of success.

I would highly recommend SuccessMatch to anyone who is serious about finding their life partner and who values professional excellence, experience and discretion when they enlist the services of an expert.

I'm excited about the future and to see where this will go, thanks to Trea and her team. I am very appreciative of SuccessMatch's assistance with helping me find my potential life partner...
Here's to the future! Thanks Trea!