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Exclusively for select high achieving single ladies

Want to be just as successful in LOVE as you are in your professional life?

elite matchmaking agency switzerland trea tijmensI help select, high achieving women become as successful in LOVE as they are in the other areas of their lives.
After 15 years of successfully working as a high-end matchmaker and dating coach, I know exactly what is needed to get you to success in love and find your excellent partner; your success match!

I get it.
You are highly successful and have an amazing quality of life.
In fact, you have everything you could wish for.
and yet….,
there is one thing you do not have; ….love.
The only thing that is missing is an amazing partner to share your great life with.
That great man with whom you can build a truly happy, fulfilling, long-lasting relationship.
With whom you can build a future (that can include marriage and children if that is what you would like).

Perhaps you have not done much to find love and you focused on your career instead.
Perhaps you have not done much to find love as you believed you will just find it by chance.
Perhaps you have tried different things to find love and were disappointed with the results.

Whatever the reason is, your private life is the only area where you have not succeeded so far.

What if there is a way to be as successful in love as you are in the other areas of your life?

As an international matchmaker and award-winning dating expert, I have been helping elite singles find love for the past 15 years, and in order for you to be as successful in love as in your professional;

You need to make finding love a priority
You need to invest your time, energy and resources in getting to a successful outcome
You need a professional, holistic approach that is sustainable and gets you results.
You need tools, resources, and training
You need access to me for expert advice, guidance, training, and coaching

During the seven-month, Ladies Platinum program, I will personally teach you everything I know about getting you to your goal of finding a great partner to build a happy, fulfilling relationship.
I offer a holistic, sustainable approach that teaches and empowers you to be, find and choose the right partner and sets you up for success so that when you meet that amazing man, you actually have the skills to make it a success match and create the happy, fulfilling, long-lasting relationship you deserve.

Disclaimer: Just like not everyone is right for you, this program is not right for everyone.

There could be a fit when;

  • You are a high achiever and know that your success did not just “happen” to you.
  • Your love life is your priority right now.
  • You are ready to invest in yourself.
  • You are 100% committed to invest the time and energy it takes to do the work necessary to get to success.
  • You are 100% willing to give up mindsets, behaviors, people that aren’t helping you forward to reaching your goal of finding your match.
  • You are willing to learn, be challenged and grow
  • You realize that your approach so far did not get you results and you want someone to tell you exactly what works and who is there with you on the journey.

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If you would like me to match you with compatible hand selected gentlemen, you need to opt for the Platinum PLUS package.

With the Platinum PLUS package you will get you all of the coaching, training, tools, resources, accountability, and access to me of the Platinum package so that you live a happy and fulfilled life, can create, recognize and act upon opportunities to connect with the quality men you wish to meet, have the skills to choose the right partner and give you what you need to build a happy, long-lasting relationship with this partner.
PLUS, I will make you 3 hand selected introductions to quality men!