faq successmatch leading dating matchmaking agency switzerlandQ   What is SuccessMatch?

A    SuccessMatch is the leading provider of dating support and high end matchmaking services for successful singles. Based in Switzerland, we have helped quality singles find love since 2005.


Q   Who is the SuccessMatch target group?

A     We define the SuccessMatch target group as local and international highly successful single professionals. Most of our clients live and work in Switzerland, however many have international backgrounds. Very often, clients come to Switzerland thinking they will stay 2, at the most 3 years, and 15 years later they are still here. Male clients range in age from early thirties to early seventies. Female clients from mid-twenties to early sixties. 

They may be single and never married, or divorced, or widowed. Our elite single clients tend to have strong academic backgrounds, they tend to have very busy professional lives, they tend to live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy an excellent quality of life.

In fact, our clients seem to have everything in life except a nice partner to share that life with. Our clients would now like to find that great partner. A professional, confidential, personalized and caring service, which gets them results, is important to them.


Q   Does SuccessMatch have an equal number of male and female clients?

A    SuccessMatch always has more female clients… which is entirely in line with the worldwide phenomenon whereby personalized agencies have more female clients.


Q   What can I expect from a 15 min complimentary consultation?

A   Due to a high demand for our services, SuccessMatch does all first complimentary consultations via Skype with camera.
The 15-minute complimentary consultation gives us a first impression of whether there could be a fit between us.
As you will have already read these Frequently Asked Questions before we meet, we can focus on you and your needs and whether there could be a fit.
If there is further interest, you may then book a 50-minute paid consultation with Trea Tijmens, CEO of SuccessMatch and award-winning dating expert.


Q   What can I expect of the 50 minute paid consultation by Skype?

A   The 50-minute consultation via Skype with camera serves to identify your dating and relationship goals as well as determine your current status / what your starting point is. During the consult, you will discuss what is important to you in a partner, and establish your key search criteria.
Trea will help you identify what has been standing in the way of you reaching your goal.
Then she can help you identify how to get from where you are now to your goal, and see how we can best serve you.
Of course, you will also have the opportunity to ask Trea any questions that you may have.
The 50-minute consultation by Skype is charged at 250 CHF and when we decide to work together, the 250 CHF that was paid for the 50 minute consultation will be deducted from your fees.


Q   May I meet Trea, the CEO of SuccessMatch face-to-face?

A   Yes, Trea meets and gets to know every gentleman who becomes a SuccessMatch Elite Matchmaking client and every lady who joins our Platinum or Platinum Plus service after the 50 minute skype consultation, one-on-one and in person.
Several times per year Trea organizes live events which also provide a great opportunity to get to know her in person. 


Q   How long has SuccessMatch been doing this?

A   Trea Tijmens, the CEO of SuccessMatch, launched SuccessMatch 15 years ago, in 2005. In the past 15 years, she has touched the lives of over 8000 singles.


Q   How long is the SuccessMatch membership term?

A    In general, the private Date Coaching programs are 6 months, and the group coaching and mentoring program is a year.
       For the Matchmaking services, contracts are 8 months.


Q   What services do you provide singles in Switzerland?

A    SuccessMatch provides singles the following service options to find their partner

Work with Dating Coach Trea Tijmens Available to men and women
Group Coaching Programs Available to women
Matchmaking Services Available to men and women
Match Candidate Available to qualified men and women


Q   What are the fees of your Elite Matchmaking Services?

A    The fees for our high-end matchmaking services depend on your wishes and needs, and the scope of the project.


Q   What is the Platinum Service for ladies?

A   The Platinum Service is available to a select few high achieving single ladies who want to be as successful in love as they are in the other areas of their lives. Trea personally works with them and offers a holistic, sustainable approach that teaches and empowers successful women how to be, find and choose the right partner. Trea sets them up for success so that when they meet that amazing man, they actually have the power to make it a success match and create the happy, fulfilling, long-lasting relationship they desire. 


Q   Why do you say working with Trea as your dating coach is so successful?

A   Because working with your dating coach allows for a much more holistic approach to the dating process.

It is not only a matter of who you meet, but also how you meet someone.
Trea sets her clients up for success, helps them every step of the way and get the fastest results in the most enjoyable way possible.

100% of clients start dating while Trea coaches them and over 85% are in a happy relationship by the time she stops coaching them!


Q   Do you also provide women with introductions?

A    Yes. Trea provides matchmaking services to a select number of high achieving ladies in the Platinum Plus program.

Although there is no contractual obligation to offer introductions to ladies who work with Trea as a Dating Coach, Trea will make introductions if there is a suitable opportunity.

Ladies can apply to be Match Candidates with us and be eligible for introductions to gentlemen in our network within Switzerland and abroad.

Q   What may I expect from working with dating coach and award-winning dating expert Trea Tijmens?

A    After 15 years of working as a successful matchmaker and award-winning dating expert, Trea knows what you need to succeed.
Trea will accompany you every step of the way to finding your success match and will ensure you get results fast whilst keeping the coaching and dating process enjoyable! 


Q   Do you offer group coaching programs for singles?

A    Yes we do! We offer a group coaching and mentoring program  Schedule a consult to see whether this is a fit for you. More info on the Find Your Success Match group coaching program can be found here 


Q   Is there a payment plan available for your services?

A    Yes we do offer payment plans


Q   What is a Match Candidate?

A    Being a Match Candidate offers you the opportunity to be matched with eligible singles in Trea’s network in Switzerland and abroad. However, a Match Candidate is NOT a client of SuccessMatch, so this means that we do not actively look for matches for match candidates.
There is a one-time 220 EUR (250 CHF) Registration Fee to be a Match Candidate with SuccessMatch.
This Fee includes a 50 minute Skype consultation with Trea and membership of the Smart Singles Success Society.
Your data is confidential, and you will be contacted by the SuccessMatch matchmaker only when we have an interest in your profile for a potential match opportunity.

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