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The SuccessMatch Elite Matchmaking Service is a highly personalized and confidential high-end matchmaking service for the more discerning single gentleman.

trea tijmens elite matchmaker dating expert

The service is personally provided by our CEO and award-winning dating expert and matchmaker, Trea Tijmens.

Trea is a renowned matchmaker who has worked in this field for over 13 years. She invests herself 100% in helping clients find the right partner and therefore works with only a few gentlemen clients at any one time.


The Process

  • The first step is to schedule a complimentary 15 minute Skype consult to see if there could be a fit.
  • The next step would be scheduling a 50 minute paid consultation with Trea to understand the scope of the search and how she can best help you reach your relationship goals.
  • Only after this consultation Trea will be able to provide you with an agreement outlining scope, conditions and fees. 
  • After signature of the agreement and payment of the initial fees, it’s time for an in person intake meeting with your matchmaker Trea Tijmens
  • Trea will personally search for and select your matches for you.
  • Each introduction will be discussed with you and we take care of the complete coordination of all your first dates.

The Key to Your Success:
Ongoing support and guidance during the length of your contract,
by your personal matchmaker and dating expert; our CEO Trea Tijmens.

Common Questions:

Q     Why does SuccessMatch only provide the Elite Matchmaking Service to gentlemen?
A      SuccessMatch choosees to only provide its high-end matchmaking services to select gentlemen so as to avoid a conflict of interest. We wish to introduce our gentlemen clients to the best possible matches and not limit ourselves to women we have a contractual obligation to match.
Q     When you do not provide matchmaking services to women, how do you find matches for gentlemen?
A     Over the past 13 years, SuccessMatch has built a high quality network of single ladies. SuccessMatch provides one on one date coaching and group programs for women. Trea regularly holds webinars for professional single women, and qualified single women can also register as Free Match Candidates in our data base. 

Fees for our elite matchmaking service depend on the scope of the search and your needs.

Contact us at +41 22 575 2975 or through our "Contact us" form for a first 15 minute complimentary chat.