You have come to the right place for success...
If you're a quality single and looking for your match

You are successful in all areas of your life.

You have a good and rewarding career that has given you the opportunity to live an excellent lifestyle.
You have a wonderful group of friends.
You have a home that you love.
You live a healthy lifestyle.
You enjoy interesting hobbies. 
You have a good life. 

BUT, something is still missing. Or better yet… someone is still missing.

It’s time to share your good life with the right partner!

People are not meant to go through life alone.
Studies have shown that people in a happy relationship lead longer, more fulfilling, and more successful lives.

Success is not an accident.
You know this, which is why you’ve been so deliberate in building such a successful life.

So why hope that in love “things will just happen”?
Why leave finding the most important person in your life entirely to chance and randomness?
Why not be as successful in love as you are in other areas of your life?

SuccessMatch helps elite singles find the right partner so that you can build the happy, fulfilling, long-lasting relationship you desire.

With over 17 years in business in Switzerland, we are the experts in high-end matchmaking services and all matters related to dating, relationships, and love.

SuccessMatch offers a high-touch, high-end service, and chooses to work with a select single clientèle. Our boutique approach values quality over quantity and allows us to dedicate our resources, time, and energy to helping our elite single clients find their success match.

Work directly with our CEO and dating coach Trea Tijmens, (who has helped 85% of her private coaching clients find the right partner and build a happy relationship). Trea is an award-winning dating expert, Master Executive Certified Matchmaker, and a Certified Science-Based Dating and Relationship Coach.
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SuccessMatch offers the following service levels

Elite Matchmaking

Elite matchmaking service for the discerning single gentleman personally managed by Trea Tijmens, CEO SuccessMatch, International Matchmaker and award-winning dating expert

Dating Support from dating coach Trea Tijmens

Define your goal and get from where you are now to where you want to be; in Love. Get great results in the fastest time possible, whilst making the overall process and the dating itself fun

Match Candidate

As a qualified Match Candidate, you may be eligible to be matched with amazing relationship-oriented singles.


Contact SuccessMatch now to schedule a first complimentary consultation to see how we can best serve you.

Benefits of SuccessMatch’ elite matchmaking services and dating support


100% of our gentlemen matchmaking clients are in a relationship when we finish working together. 100% of our dating coaching clients are actively dating… even the ones who haven’t dated in years. Over 85% of our private coaching clients succeed in finding their partner.


Our executive matchmaking and date coaching services are for professionals, by professionals. We are certified, professional, and passionate about making your search for the right match a success.


We use a holistic approach that teaches and empowers you to be, find, and choose the right partner. This sets you up for success so you can find the right partner and have the dating and relationship skills it takes to make it a SuccessMatch.


Unlike other Swiss dating agencies, our goal is not to get your X number of dates in X number of months. Our goal is to help you transition from where you are, to where you want to be… in a happy, fulfilling, long-lasting relationship with the right partner.

Dating Coach

CEO Trea Tijmens will personally help guide you through the complicated dating jungle to a lasting relationship with your successful match. Trea is an award-winning dating expert and a Certified Science-Based Dating and Relationship Coach.


We are the experts in upscale matchmaking and date coaching services and for elite single professionals in Switzerland and beyond. Our CEO is a Master Executive Certified Matchmaker with over 15 years of experience helping elite singles find the right partner.


We care and we want you to succeed! We lead with love in everything we do. We take time to know you. We create a safe space. We respect your confidentiality and privacy. We give you individual attention, support, and advice so you can find your SuccessMatch.


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matchmakers alliance member
Matchmaking institute's global love awards 2018 winner
Winner Euro Dating Awards 2017
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