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SuccessMatch Matchmakers in London

My matchmaker colleague Eeke and I just returned from London where we had "a date with love".

matchmakers londonSo why did two matchmakers from Switzerland go to London and what happened there? Read on!

The Matchmaking Institute (MMI) had organized a three-day training course for new matchmakers and a Masters training course for experienced matchmakers.

Being passionate about making love happen, to me, it is important to help train new matchmakers with the MMI.

Once the new matchmakers have successfully gone through the complete training process (of which life training is an important part), they will be certified by the MMI.

Getting matchmakers certified by the MMI is a good thing!

Why? Because:

  1. The matchmakers will be properly trained and provided with the tools to succeed by the only certified matchmaking institute in the world
  2. The matchmaking industry will have more matchmakers who work in accordance with the strict ethical standards established by the MMI
  3. The clients will benefit from more savvy matchmaking professionals, who have access to a network of other matchmakers and are held accountable by the MMI

But even with this, why is it important for a matchmaking company like SuccessMatch, which has been in business for over 15 years already, to come to London and participate in and teach at the matchmaking training event? Here are the top 3 reasons;

1 Continuous Learning
This was our matchmaker Eeke's first MMI event and she went through the entire matchmaker training and master class courses. Even though I have been a professional matchmaker for over 15 years, I firmly believe in continuous learning. I always take away some valuable nugget of information, pick up some new ideas, hear different perspectives from other top matchmakers in the industry as well as from matchmakers in the making, and so on. And who are the direct beneficiaries of this learning? Our SuccessMatch clients, of course!

2 Networking / Connecting
Another fabulous reason for us matchmakers to be in London was the opportunity of meeting with matchmakers and other industry professionals from different parts of the world. Spending time with like-minded professionals in a spirit of openness allows us all to grow and create meaningful connections.

Why would matchmakers from a small country like Switzerland be interested in connecting with matchmakers from around the globe? Simply because our clientele is international! Thanks to among other the network and connections created and maintained at MMI conferences and training courses, SuccessMatch can provide the ultimate matchmaking services to its clients.

3 Energize / Inspiration
A room filled with top matchmakers as well as matchmakers in the making generates a powerful amount of positive energy – it really feels like a date with love.

Being part of the matchmaker certification training of the MMI is of enormous value to us and, therefore, to our clients.

matchmakers london trea tijmens eekeAlthough Eeke and I came back from London slightly tired from all the connecting, teaching, learning and bonding (from early in the morning till late at night!), we came back with new ideas, new matchmaker contacts, and, best of all, bubbling with fresh energy and inspiration!

As matchmakers, we never stop spreading the love and have a confirmed date lined up in London for one of our American clients who live in Geneva, a potential date for a client from Zurich in Scandinavia, and another potential date for a client from Basel in Amsterdam.

NB. And yes, of course, we managed to eat some of our favorite foods (Asian) in London, enjoyed some fun evenings out with other matchmakers, took in some of London's sights, spent some quality time together and made some new connections as well. Here are some impressions of your matchmakers while in London.

The next Matchmaking Institute event where you will find SuccessMatch is the annual Matchmakers and Date Coaches Conference from 26 29th of April 2017 in New York.
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