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8 points to consider before contacting a matchmaking dating agency in Switzerland

8 points to consider before contacting a matchmaking dating agency in SwitzerlandYou have everything you wish for in life, except for that great partner to share your life with?

Perhaps you have been recently divorced, single for a long time or widowed and you long to find that special partner?

When you have a busy professional life and confidentiality and the quality of the people you meet are important factors to you, you are probably thinking about contacting a professional matchmaking dating agency.

Here are 8 important points to help you in choosing the matchmaking dating agency that is right for you.

1. The first impression

When you contact the agency, they should respond to your questions in a pleasant and professional manner. The first impression should be positive, caring and professional.

2. Consultation with your MatchMaker.

Quality matchmaking dating agencies should meet all of their clients personally.
The people looking after you must take the time to get to know you and to understand what is important to you in your search for a partner.

The Matchmaker will ask you lots of questions and will also give you time to ask questions yourself.
The agency’s Matchmaker must listen to you, be professional, friendly, sympathetic, inspire trust and also challenge you on criteria if he or she feels are not realistic. Of course a Matchmaking agency is a business but if you feel that a contract is being forced on you – be careful – see point 8 below.

3. Target group of the agency.

Find out what the target group of the agency is.
Do they accept everyone as clients?
Would they have the type of clients that you would be interested in meeting?


4. Confidentiality.

If this is an important aspect for you, ask questions. Can other members see your profile, will other members receive your contact details, etc.

5. Way they work.

Generally speaking, professional matchmaking and dating agencies for men and women, always have more female clients.
Does the agency match their gentlemen clients with all of its lady clients or do they introduce one man to one lady (at the time) whom they feel is compatible?

6. Statistics.

Does the agency have statistics on for example the percentage of clients that continue to date after a first introduction?

7. Beware of agencies that tell you that finding your partner is easy.

We would all like to hear this but the reality is that professional matchmaking dating agencies are not magicians.
To find someone compatible they have to understand well who you are and what things are important to you in a partner and relationship.
There is a lot of hard work involved by the agency so that you can meet compatible people.

8. Contract

Never feel pressured to sign a contract with an agency on the spot. Even though in Switzerland there is a legal requirement to have a 14 day consideration period after signature during which you can cancel the contract without fees, it is better to take the contract home.

Take a quiet moment to read the contract and ask all your questions before signing the contract. Dating and matchmaking agencies in Switzerland are legally not allowed to invoice you before the 14 day consideration period has expired.

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